Milford-Haven Season 3 – Episode 22


Season 3 – Episode 22
“The Rescue”



Episode 22
The Rescue

SCENE 1               Kevin arrives back at the Clarke house and is approached by Jack who anxiously asks if he found out what’s become of Ralph. Kevin replies that he has checked everywhere and with everyone but to no avail. But he did find Ralph’s glove in the basement. We have no choice but to start digging, says Jack. Kevin admonishes him that the foundation poles may not be as secure as they should be. testy Jack responds, I know that! Just get started.

SCENE 2               Russell Clarke arrives back at the construction site after taking Jimmy to the clinic. Jack is very appreciative of Mr. Clarke’s assistance. Pleased that the house withstood the quake, Clark offers Jack an apology for questioning the quality of his work. Jack is pleased but replies that a man is missing and digging has begun to find him. Disturbed by this, Clarke asks what is being done to protect the house in case of an aftershock. Jack feels vulnerable and responds, I’ve thought this through. Clarke replies, they’ll find out for sure whether that house was built the way it should have been.

SCENE 3               After leaving his house Russell goes to Sally‘s Restaurant for a respite. He manages to get a cup of coffee, but between Sally’s talking and sudden disappearances, he’s unable to order any more than that. Finally she stands still long enough for them to exchange names, and Sally asks if he is the Clarke with the house on the bluff that Sawyer is buildin’. Russell having said yes, she asks if the house is okay after the earthquake. Clarke replies, that remains to be seen.

SCENE 4               Zack and Joseph finally free Miranda from the shelf she’s pinned under. Suddenly Miranda realizes the unlikeliness of Zack and Joseph being the ones to rescue her and asks what they are doing there. I had a lot of things I wanted to ask you, Zack says, but for now only your safety matters. After she reassures Zack that she is alright, Joseph insists that Miranda should have some nourishment, and the three head for Sally’s.

SCENE 5               Feeling refreshed after a meal at Sally’s Miranda reassures Zack and Joseph that she is fine and must get ready for her flight to Alaska. Surprised that she is still considering such a trip Zack advises her to consider delaying it. In any event Zack offers to help Miranda get packed and she accepts his offer. Excusing themselves from Joseph they go out the door Samantha enters, surprised to see Miranda and Zack together in the parking lot, and more surprised to see Joseph in Sally’s. Joseph explains that he came to Milford-Haven to find Zack, who immediately enlisted his help to rescue Miranda from being pinned under the shelf. Samantha admits to Joseph that she is exhausted from running the temporary shelter. Joseph then implores her to spend the rest of the day with him and she accepts.

SCENE 6               Miranda talks with Zack about her frustration and anger at having met Cynthia in the hospital, and Zack again voices his concern that Miranda might still go to Alaska. When Miranda calls her, Zelda is highly annoyed that Miranda is considering foregoing the job and argues with Miranda that her trip to Alaska is critical if she ever wants to get another government commission. Meanwhile Zack finds a letter Miranda wrote to him but never sent in which she has poured out her feelings for him,– her fear when he was injured, her loyalty when he was in the hospital, and finally the fact that he asked her to marry him,– and he thought he had dreamed that! Zack jumps up and calls out to Miranda who, while trying to placate Zelda, has suddenly fainted.