Milford-Haven Season 3 – Episode 25


Season 3 – Episode 25
“The Bluff”



Episode 25
The Bluff

SCENE 1               While Samantha and Susan at the Environmental Planning Commission are regrouping from a significant aftershock, the phone rings with a hysterical woman on the other end saying that the house on the bluff is gone and someone better get down there. “Maybe Jack didn’t ask for that inspection fast enough,”Samantha says as she rushes to the scene of the bad news.

SCENE 2               Distressed that the aftershock may have caused more harm to Miranda, Zack dashes over to her house. She assures him that she is alright, and Zack apologizes for the difficult situation Miranda had with Cynthia and confirms for Miranda that his interests are not with Cynthia. Then, as Miranda and Zack search the house for further damage Miranda is disheartened to find a broken frame on a very particular painting. “This is the cove in your painting, isn’t it?” Zack queries, curious as to its uncanny familiarity.

SCENE 3               Mary of Calvin Oil buzzes Joseph Calvin on the intercom to say that a Mrs. Chernak is on the phone. Joseph picks up the phone, annoyed at Stacey for her mysterious behavior and by her dishonesty as to her actual identity. Stacey indicates her willingness to discuss this with Joseph when she learns of his friendship with Samantha Hugo. “This adds an interesting complication to the situation, if the information I have is correct,” she says. Joseph immediately becomes protective of Samantha’s well-being, while Stacey stresses the urgency of his meeting with her that day.

SCENE 4 A               Miranda enters Sally‘s restaurant and the two begin discussing the impact that earthquakes could have on Milford-Haven’s tourist trade. Sally suggests the need of a professional PR person to maintain Milford-Haven’s appeal to travelers, and Miranda agrees that it’s a great idea. As Sally fixes her some tea and toast Miranda muses over this as a way to fix her relationship with Zelda, but isn’t sure how to implement it.
4 B               As Miranda get’s home the phone is ringing, and it’s Meredith, who has been worrying about her sister because of the aftershock. When she asks about the Zelda situation, Miranda tells her about the Milford-Haven PR idea. Meredith advises her to “make one thing contingent upon the other” and thereby retain Zelda as her rep.

SCENE 5               Cynthia enters the theatre calling into the darkness to see if anyone is there. “This place looks like an earthquake hit it,” she says. “That’s what did hit it, Cynthia,” retorts Rune as he checks to see if the lights are working. As the lights go on and the dust flies Rune remarks, “Be it ever so humble, it’s still a theatre.” Cynthia is amused that he is so stage struck, and Rune admits that it is his first play and first production. While waiting for the others to arrive for the reading Cynthia agrees to go have a cup of coffee, “If we can find a place in this little rat trap of a town,” she says. Rune replies, “Now Cynthia, is that any way to talk about the town that is going to bring you fame and fortune.”

SCENE 6               Jack is chagrined to find Samantha searching for him at the scene of the disaster. “I didn’t come over to harass you, Jack,” she says. Jack belligerently refuses to admit that Samantha came to the scene out of the goodness of her heart. Samantha overlooks his remark. Not seeing Kevin anywhere she concludes that he must be missing as the paramedics are on the scene. Abashed by her discernment Jack asks Samantha to leave. “Fine, Jack, we’ll discuss the possible law suits some other time,” she retorts.