Milford-Haven Season 3 – Episode 29


Season 3 – Episode 29
“The Proposal”



Episode 29
The Proposal

SCENE 1                Emily Wilkins telephones Jack Sawyer to arrange for a time to meet with him. Jack tries to back out replying that everyone is well aware of what happened at the Clarke house. But when Emily reveals her technical awareness of the underlying circumstances, Jack realizes it would behoove him to meet with her.

SCENE 2               Miranda is at Sally’s Restaurant anxiously awaiting Samantha to hear how things went at the Town Council meeting. Samantha arrives and comments on what a character Zelda McIntyre is and that personally there was not a good rapport between them. Miranda explains that it’s typical of Zelda to be that way with everyone. Nonetheless, Samantha goes on to say that Zelda impressed the Council with her professionalism and homework, and that she is now Milford-Haven’s new Public Relations Consultant.

SCENE 3               Zelda McIntyre, wasting no time in her newly appointed position, telephones Jack Sawyer to discuss the Clarke house pointing out that correcting the image of the disaster would be half the battle in improving the image of Milford-Haven. Jack agrees saying he already has a meeting set up with Emily Wilkins of the Milford-Haven News, but Zelda admonishes him that they should meet beforehand.

SCENE 4               Joseph Calvin receives a tape from Stacey Chernak on which she explains to him that the purpose of the experiments was to hypnotize children in orphanages so that they would believe whoever adopted them was their real family. Joseph finds this hard to believe since they were told that Zack had a trauma as an infant and had no recollection of his real parents. While Joseph wrestles with this information Stacey telephones him urging him to carefully guard the tape he just received.

SCENE 5               Rune is encouraging Cynthia with her character, and she is finally beginning to appreciate the part. While Rune is preparing Cynthia for the next scene where she is involved in an elaborate caper, Kevin walks into the theatre to audition for a part. Rune interrupts his work with Cynthia to hear Kevin read for a character named “Sam”. Realizing at once Kevin’s ineptitude for the part, Rune politely thanks Kevin who leaves still trying to understand what he just read.

SCENE 6               Having arrived at the cove, Zack chases after Miranda who has challenged him for a race to the beach. As Miranda spreads the picnic on the blanket, Zack explains to her that it is a day for answers. “Well, what’s the question?” she asks. Zack replies, “Will you…marry me Miranda?” Excitedly she answers, “Yes. Yes, Zack, I will.”