Milford-Haven Season 3 – Episode 23


Season 3 – Episode 23
“On Shaky Ground”



Episode 23
On Shaky Ground

SCENE 1               Satisfied that the bracing for the Clarke house is in good shape Jack gives Kevin the go ahead to begin digging for the missing worker. But Kevin, concerned about an exposed beam, cautions Jack that the digging might undermine the foundation.Annoyed by Kevin’s alertness Jack counters with the urgency of the task at hand before losing a valuable client.

SCENE 2               As Jack quietly enters Samantha’s office at the Environmental Planning Commission, Samantha seizes the opportunity to mock him for making one of his rare appearances. She treats him with the same disdain she encountered at his hand when she arrived unannounced at his construction site. Reluctantly he apologizes for his behavior that day, and implores her to do an inspection of the Clarke house right away. Irritated that his emergency should demand priority, Samantha finally agrees to the inspection only because someone’s life is at risk.

SCENE 3               As Radio Jones spins his tunes at KMH he is interrupted by a knock on the door. It is Emily Wilkins from the Milford-Haven News, the reporter who gave Radio Jones the misinformation that the Clarke house had collapsed. Recognizing the name he rebukes her for her inept handling of information, and further recounts her coverage of the Talent Night in which she tries to defame Miranda’s efforts to raise money for a worthy cause and to suggest that there were sneaky deals being made backstage. Angered by this rebuff Emily insists on her professionalism and that she perhaps was merely premature in regard to the Clarke house.

SCENE 4               Unaware that Miranda has fainted Zelda is frustrated at being left dangling on the phone.
Zack picks up the receiver saying that Miranda is in need of help and that he must hang up. Refusing to be cut off Zelda identifies herself as Miranda’s representative and wants to know what has happened. Delighted to hear she is speaking with Zackery and unimpressed with Miranda’s situation she tries to convince Zack that Miranda’s fainting was due to the excitement of seeing him. Zack can no longer deal with Zelda’s insolence and hangs up the phone.

SCENE 5               Miranda in a state of unconsciousness sees an eagle and excitedly points it out to Zack who has come to Alaska to see her. Two months was too long to wait to tell you how I feel, he says. Miranda explains she had to get away because she thought he didn’t care. Zack reassures her that he does. Suddenly Cynthia appears with the intent of shooting the eagle because it is messing things up. As Miranda wrestles with Cynthia not to shoot the eagle Zack is calling Miranda back to reality.

SCENE 6               While Samantha and Joseph are having their long overdue dinner the conversation turns to Zack and Miranda. Samantha is amazed that Zack came to Milford-Haven to see Miranda and Joseph expresses the hope that it will heal Zack’s distracted behavior since the diving accident. Glad to see Zack was his old self again in taking charge helping Miranda Joseph then queries Samantha on her search for her son. Samantha explains that Stacey Chernak was handling the case. Joseph makes note of her name and assures Samantha he will do all he can to find out Stacey Chernak’s real identity.