Milford-Haven Season 3 – Episode 21


Season 3 – Episode 21
“The Ordeal”



Episode 21
The Ordeal

SCENE 1               Russell Clarke is back at the building site of his house, impressed and pleased that his new house has withstood the earthquake with no apparent damage. Construction boss Kevin isn’t so sure, as they prowl under the house inspecting the construction. As they do, they hear a groan, and discover Jimmy, who has suffered a broken hand. Showing some qualities undiscovered till now, Russell steps forward and expertly examines Jimmy’s wrist, and gently but firmly squires him up the stairs and to the hospital. Kevin continues looking under the house lest anyone else be discovered down there.

SCENE 2               Samantha arrives somewhat breathless and frantic at the Clarke house. Jack treats her with the usual disdain and wants to know what all the shouting is about. Jack is put out that Samantha would assume something would have happened to the house, just because he built it. Samantha is annoyed at Jack’s arrogance and assures him he’ll be getting a full inspection to see just how much damage really was done to the premises.

SCENE 3               Zack is listening to Radio Jones on his car radio as he approaches Milford-Haven, and is only now becoming aware that the wobble he felt on the highway must have been the earthquake that hit Milford-Haven. Immediately concerned for Miranda‘s safety, he heads to her house, and knocks on the door. When there is no answer, he enters, finding Miranda pinned under an enormous shelf, unconscious. He can’t budge the shelf, and Miranda comes to just in time to hear Zack tell her he is going for help.

SCENE 4               Joseph now arrives in Milford-Haven, and, guided by Radio Jones on KMH, proceeds to the Town Hall, to the temporary shelter. Zack arrives, intent on helping Miranda. Joseph and he jump in one car and head for Miranda’s to see if the two of them can budge the heavy shelf. As they drive there, Zack tells his dad that his talking to Miranda seemed to wake her out of unconsciousness. Joseph says that Miranda did they same for him when he was in the hospital, and that Joseph would have learned more about it, except for Cynthia’s arrival. This is the first Zack has heard of Cynthia’s meeting with Miranda, and it explains a great many things about Miranda’s behavior. Now the important thing is to rescue Miranda.

SCENE 5               Cynthia calls Rune, who is just enough miffed at Cynthia to pretend not to recognize her at first. Once they’re past this little moment, Cynthia expresses some concern over the theatre in Milford-Haven, considering the earthquake. Oh, worried about your part, are you Cynthia? Rune asks. Well not really Rune, but you better call the theatre.Rune agrees and hangs up with Cynthia to place the call right away.

SCENE 6               Sally is at last back home in Milford-Haven, and gives Mama a call as she promised she would. It’s the crack of dawn, but as usual Mama has her first biscuits already out of the oven. Mama warns Sally that she oughtn’t be working so hard considering her condition, but Sally says it’s much too early to be worried about that. Sally thanks Mama for a wonderful visit, and is barely able to hang up under the barrage of admonitions and advice. Once the phone is hung up, Sally sighs alone in her kitchen. I’m gonna need you, Mama.