Milford-Haven Season 3 – Episode 24


Season 3 – Episode 24
“The Aftershock”



Episode 24
The Aftershock

SCENE 1               As the construction crew digs diligently under the Clarke house to find the missing workman Ralph, Kevin approaches Jimmy about Ralph’s whereabouts. While Jimmy is negating Kevin’s hopes that Ralph is alive, Ralph suddenly appears. Kevin and Jimmy are at once shocked and annoyed that Ralph would disappear for days without telling anyone. “Those earthquakes just scare the pants off me…” explains Ralph. But Kevin unsympathetically warns him that Jack Sawyer won’t like this one bit.

SCENE 2               Samantha calls Susan into her office at the Environmental Planning Commission to tell her that Jack Sawyer has requested an inspection on the Clarke house. In utter disbelief that Jack would be concerned with the safety of the Clarke house, Susan declines to bias Samantha’s inspection with only assumptions and hunches. But with her new found strength of character Susan adds, “Let’s just say, I’m glad you’re doing an inspection, Samantha.”

SCENE 3               Frightened by Miranda‘s fainting Zack brings in the paramedics to take her to the hospital. Displaying her strength of character Miranda declines the help of the medics explaining to Zack that there are alternatives to medical aid. Zack supports her decision, and then prompts her about the dream-the nightmare-she was having. “You and I were in Alaska, and it was beautiful, and we saw an eagle soaring,” Miranda recalls dreamily. But the dream suddenly turns into a nightmare when Cynthia appears with a gun to shoot the eagle.

SCENE 4               Samantha receives a long awaited phone call from Stacey Chernak who is helping her locate her son Gregory. Ms. Chernak explains that Gregory may have been put through an experimental education program for bright children in orphanages – a program that was later disband. Stacey concludes this strange information with inconclusive possibility that Gregory may have been adopted by one of three families.

SCENE 5               Miranda receives another disconcerting phone call from Zelda her representative, who coolly informs Miranda that she no longer finds it satisfactory to be her representative. Zelda proceeds to chastise Miranda for no longer being the committed artist she once was and for whimsically foregoing the trip to Alaska. “The earthquake was certainly not a whim of mine,” counters Miranda. Relentlessly Zelda continues, “If you can’t give me enough to sell, I’ll have to find something or someone else to represent.” Baffled by Zelda’s attitude Miranda calls her sister *Meredith (first appearance), a stock broker in San Francisco. Meredith is too busy even to know who she’s talking to, but when she finds it’s “Mandy” she promises to call her back soon.

SCENE 6               On the construction site Jack Sawyer hustles Kevin along to replace the dirt under the Clarke house before the Environmental Planning Commission arrives that day for the inspection. Under Jack’s orders Kevin calls to the workers to clear the site. While the workers prepare to leave, disgruntled by this abrupt change in plans, a sudden aftershock threatens the Clarke house.