Milford-Haven Season 3 – Episode 30


Season 3 – Episode 30
“The Leading Man”



Episode 30
The Leading Man

SCENE 1               Jack Sawyer meets with Zelda McIntyre at Sally’s restaurant for a quick briefing on how to deal with his meeting with the press that afternoon. Sally coolly takes their order, but not without first taking the opportunity to antagonize Jack. Getting on with the purpose of their meeting, Zelda proceeds to remind Jack of the negative press he’s been getting. To counter that Zelda prods Jack to find a human angle to the disaster. Recalling how he had to dig for the worker trapped under the house, Zelda immediately re-constructs a story of humanitarianism and self-sacrifice.

SCENE 2               While Jack is being prompted by Zelda how to cover himself with the press, Kevin is at the Sawyer Construction office uncovering reports that reveal Jack’s unethical building standards on the Clarke house. Kevin is suddenly caught snooping through the files by Jimmy, who knowingly informs him that Jack ignored the recommendation by a Geological Survey report to do an additional soil test after the first earthquake. Kevin is surprised to hear this, but even more surprised to hear Jack coming in the door.

SCENE 3               In the midst of a busy lunch hour June urges Sally to take a long distance phone call. Sally attempts to make the call brief only to find that the caller is Tony. Unsure of his position with Sally he cautiously tells her of his plans to move…to Milford-Haven. He has bought Mr. Hargraves hardware store, and Sally O’Malley and Tony Fiorentino are going to be neighbors.

SCENE 4               Jack‘s meeting with the press has finally occurred. As he proceeds to charm Emily Wilkins with a philosophical approach to the events, Emily proceeds to bore into his disreputable building practices. Taken aback by her sharp manner, Jack struggles to maintain his composure but Emily refuses to be swayed from her story.

SCENE 5               At the playhouse Cynthia is on stage cajoling Rune to be her leading man. Resisting her flattery he placates her by agreeing to do the part if he hasn’t found someone by the next rehearsal. Satisfied that she already has the victory, Cynthia falls into her character.

SCENE 6               Zack is in a temporary state of disbelief that his proposal has been accepted, while Miranda continues to reassure him with “Yes, yes, yes!” Not wanting to share their secret just yet, they walk down to the beach holding onto each other and their happiness together hoping never to lose it.