Milford-Haven Season 3 – Episode 27


Season 3 – Episode 27
Music Episode “Save The Whales”



Episode 27
Music Episode “Save The Whales”

SCENE 1               Emily Wilkins finally receives a call from her anonymous caller who tipped her off about the collapse of the Clarke house. Referring to the concert to be held that evening, he suggests to Emily that raising money for earthquake victims is just a cover for something else. The caller insists that the information he has given her is accurate and if she wants to be the only reporter with the real story behind the Clarke house, to meet him in Michael’s parking lot that evening.

SCENE 2               Zelda telephones Miranda who is rushing to get ready for the evening’s concert. Zelda informs Miranda that she’s seriously considering the PR job for Milford-Haven. Delighted with this information Miranda urges Zelda to come to the concert. Zelda agrees to do so but not without a devious motive.

SCENE 3               Joseph Calvin receives a call from Stacey Chernak that she has the papers he requested. Joseph tells her that he will be in Milford-Haven for the concert. With uncanny coincidence, Stacey informs him that she will be there too. Feeling uneasy about Stacey’s dubious motive, Joseph agrees to meet her the day after the concert.

SCENE 4               Susan goes to the hospital to check on Kevin who broke his leg during the collapse of the Clarke house. While Susan tells Kevin about the concert that evening, Jack Sawyer walks in. As Jack makes a snide remark to Susan, she retaliates with “what a jinx the Clarke house has been to all of us.” As the two argue about Susan’s incident at the Clarke house, Kevin interrupts them. Sorry for disturbing Kevin, Susan apologizes and says goodbye leaving Jack wondering if the house really is jinxed.

SCENE 5               Cynthia is at the theatre rehearsing her Irish character while Rune tries to help her perfect her artistic expression. While Cynthia continues her lines Sally walks in hoping to find a singing part. Rune invites her to stay but she tells him she must get over to the concert because she’ll be singing there that evening. Cynthia is at once surprised and angry to hear that there was a concert and that Rune hadn’t told her about it.

SCENE 6               While the concert is in full swing its apparent even to Zelda that Miranda has once again pulled off a successful event. Sally sings, Samantha congratulates Miranda, who sings the theme song for the show, “Save the Whales”, Joseph Calvin is encountered by Stacey Chernak, who informs him that there is a connection between his son and Samantha Hugo. As Joseph questions this Zack suddenly appears and Stacey disappears.