Milford-Haven Season 3 – Episode 26


Season 3 – Episode 26
“When Eagles Fly”



Episode 26
Where Eagles Fly

SCENE 1               Samantha arrives at the site of the Clarke house in time to see Kevin being carried out on a stretcher after they rescued him from being buried under the landslide. Astonished by the total loss of the house Samantha asks Jack what happened. With disgust Jack replies that it was all the digging they did to find the missing worker. Samantha warns Jack that he could face criminal charges for the collapse of the house, but Jack defensively reminds her that he requested an inspection of the house. In an accusing tone Samantha replies, “And you made sure to cover yourself by coming to us in the nick of time. It seems just a little too convenient to me, Jack.”

SCENE 2               Zack helps Miranda to finally get things back in order after the disorder caused by the earthquake. Refusing to focus on her own misfortune Miranda mentions to Zack that she would like to do a benefit concert to raise money for earthquake damage. As Miranda starts to telephone Zelda, Zack stops her by mentioning the dream she had. Miranda explains that it was all symbolic. She went to Alaska to get as far away from him as she could, but he followed her anyway. But just the same the thought of Cynthia followed him, and her attempt to kill the eagle was her desire to kill his free spirit. Zack denies that Cynthia would be malicious, and Miranda responds, “But sometimes wanting to hold someone in a place they’ve outgrown is even worse.”

SCENE 3               Stacey Chernak greets Joseph Calvin who is startled by her sudden presence. As they begin walking Joseph asks her about her identity. Stacey disregards the question by saying she has important information that could explain the near disaster that occurred at Calvin Oil. Annoyed that she would have any information about the company Joseph insists that she present whatever knowledge she has. Offending him further by questioning him about the events surrounding the adoption of Zackery, Stacey proceeds to explain that if Zack was adopted from the Adeleine Agency in 1961, then he was part of an experiment performed on particularly bright infants in orphanages.

SCENE 4               Miranda telephones Zelda who in her usual haughty manner makes sarcastic remarks in response to everything Miranda says. Refusing to be intimidated by Zelda’s insolence Miranda proposes to her the idea of being Milford-Haven’s PR person.

SCENE 5               Rune is in the theatre with Cynthia helping her with her performance. Feeling silly and somewhat unsure of her Irish character she attempts the part and then hesitates. “I think that’s very good!” Rune says. Encouraged by his remark Cynthia resumes her Irish character and the scene fades on a sexy note.

SCENE 6               In the restaurant Sally calls to June that she’s taking a break for a moment. Slipping into the back room Sally opens her diary and begins to put down all the feelings that have been building inside her. Feelings like…her happiness about the baby she’s carrying…her desire not to hate Jack Sawyer even though spilling hot coffee on him gives her much pleasure…but most of all how much she loves talking to Tony, and maybe she should call him.