Milford-Haven Season 3 – Episode 28


Season 3 – Episode 28
“Altering Perceptions”



Episode 28
Altering Perceptions

SCENE 1               Emily Wilkins of the Milford-Haven News meets her anonymous caller in the parking lot of Michael’s Restaurant. He won’t give a name so she names him Mr. Man, and he almost walks away before telling her to check into ownership of the Clarke house, that it might not belong to Clarke himself, but to his company, and that that in itself might be false.

SCENE 2               Zelda McIntyre presents her public relations campaign before the Town Council, including Samantha and Jack. She shows the Council slides of the recent earthquake disaster, and charts and graphs showing the growth of Milford-Haven’s tourism and the negative impact earthquakes have made on this growth. Ms. McIntyre points out that media reporters have painted a poor image of the town, but that a good PR person would go to these reporters with a better perspective in order to alter the perception of Milford-Haven as an earthquake victim.

SCENE 3               Stacey Chernak greets Joseph Calvin who is once again startled by her sudden appearance. Uncomfortable with her mysterious demeanor he proceeds to ask her about the experiments she mentioned. She explains that a secret government agency used certain gifted children to conduct experiments, but finding they did not have any government support the agency halted the experiments. However, programming on these children had already begun, but the question remains as to what they were programmed to do.

SCENE 4               Susan checks on Kevin in the hospital. Not wanting him to get the wrong idea, she nonetheless tells him he’s looking better, and she asks if he feels there was foul play involved in the digging that led to the landslide of the Clarke house. Struggling with his conscience Kevin replies that he would have to look at something in the office before he could answer that question.

SCENE 5               Rune struggles with Cynthia‘s temperament, while she wrestles with her frustration over the part. He cites her natural ability “to channel her deep emotions into a constructive and artistic use”, and cajoles her to the point he wants her for her character.

SCENE 6               Miranda is at her canvas wondering to herself why she feels so intent on painting the cove again when suddenly Zack arrives. While she excuses herself for a moment, we hear the echo of Zack’s thoughts and how she makes him feel. Miranda enters again snapping Zack back to reality. Having anticipated this moment Miranda presents a basket full of goodies to eat and the two drive off. “Oh Zack, if only I could tell you all the things I feel,” echoes Miranda’s thoughts.