Milford Haven Season 1 – Episode 4


Episode 4: Driving Home




“Driving Home”

SCENE 1               Susan, Sam’s secretary, has received a response to Sam’s ad from a German couple who run The Chernak Agency.  There’s one odd thing about the Chernaks,– they have no listing.

SCENE 2               Sally is doing her least favorite thing– aerobics.  While she works out she mutters to herself about Jack.  She is angry and hurt that Jack never even told her he had been married to Sam! She’ll show him what getting excited is really like.

SCENE 3               Susan seductively approaches Kevin who works for Jack Sawyer, and at the same time accuses him of spying on her. As she expertly manipulates him, they are surprised by Jack, who returns to his office unexpectedly. 

SCENE 4               Zack makes a call from Milford-Haven to his dad, Joseph Calvin. They have wonderful talk about how beautiful Milford-Haven is, but also reminds Zack that they have an important meeting coming up with the Coastal Commission.

SCENE 5               Zack is driving down the coast, thinking aloud. He feels strangely drawn to both MH and to Miranda.  Meanwhile, Miranda is also taking a drive, and finds herself thinking about how drawn she is to this stranger Zack.

SCENE 6               Zelda has been trying to unload one of Miranda’s paintings– a “monstrosity of whales” as she describes it.  Zelda thinks Cynthia is the perfect mark for this, so she calls Cynthia, who falls hook line and sinker, and the sale is closed.  Zelda is amused to think that one girlfriend is going to present Zackery Calvin with a gift which the other girlfriend created.

SCENE 7               Zack gets home from his trip to Milford-Haven, and is surprised to find Cynthia ringing his doorbell, because his thoughts are still with Miranda.  Cynthia marches in and kisses Zackery.  He finds he is not immune to her charms, and in spite of his better judgment finds himself promising to come to her place later that night.