Milford-Haven Season 1 – Episode 2


Episode 2: Discoveries





SCENE 1               Samantha confides to her good friend Miranda that not only did she used to be married to Jack Sawyer, but that unbeknownst to him, they also have a son, who she put up for adoption when the boy was one. Sally overhears this new tidbit of information, and one way or another she’ll get what she wants out of good old Jack.

SCENE 2               Jack discusses his usual slipshod approach to the building code with his employee Kevin, and receives a call from his prospective client Mr. Clarke, who says he has agreed to Sawyer’s bid on the cost of building Clarke a new house in Milford-Haven.

SCENE 3               Sally keeps a diary, and writes in it that she now has a way to get Jack to build her new addition onto her restaurant. 

SCENE 4               Miranda answers her doorbell and is surprised to find a stranger standing there, a stranger who is staring at her.  Zack has found his way to her studio to ask about the painting he likes, and it seems her painting may not be his only interest.

SCENE 5               Zelda phones Miranda at an inopportune moment– she is about to continue her date with Zack by going out to dinner.  Zelda wants to know all about him, and after hearing his name remembers that this must be the Calvin Oil son, from a very wealthy family, thus a very good target for business.

SCENE 6               Zelda, wasting no time, goes to Calvin Oil, and meets Joseph Calvin, the head of the firm.  She quickly makes arrangements to buy art for the corporate offices, done in a wildlife theme, to show visitors that Oil companies have become environmentally aware.

SCENE 7               Zelda returns a call from Cynthia, accepting the invitation to the museum benefit, which is of particular interest when she learns it’s to be held at the Calvin Estate, and when she further learns that Cynthia considers herself “practically” engaged to Zackery, the same Zackery that Miranda has begun to date.