Milford Haven Season 1 – Episode 9


Season 1 Episode 9 – Hot Lunch




“Hot Lunch”

SCENE 1               Stacey tries cleverly to get Wilhelm to agree to let her go to Santa Barbara to follow through on a lead in the Samantha Hugo baby case. Wilhelm makes it very clear who’s the boss.  Once she’s been strong-armed again, Wilhelm does grant her permission to go to Santa Barbara.

SCENE 2               Jack is trying to explain something to Kevin, while having lunch at Sally’s.  Sally is civil towards Kevin, but is sardonic at best towards Jack, who simply says “Let’s don’t continue our little argument, shall we?”  Sally brings something special for Jack– a plate of hot food in his lap.  Jack and Kevin leave, and Sally decides it’s time to turn Jack in for what she overheard him telling Kevin– it was something about not building a Mr. Clarke’s house correctly.

SCENE 3               Miranda’s big art show is just starting, and Zelda is trying to give Miranda last minute pointers on who to talk to and how to behave.  Samantha arrives, as do Zack and Joseph.  Joseph is quite smitten with Samantha, which annoys Zelda no end.  Miranda is delighted to meet Zack’s father, and proudly shows them her paintings, including one of a famous oil spill.  Clearing his throat, Zack tries to save the awkward moment by being diplomatic.

SCENE 4               Susan is at Wing Ding’s and Notes is about to play.  Susan goes up to Notes, apologizes for being so forward, and invites him to her house.  He accepts with a jubilant note of acceptance.  When they get to her house, she says I don’t know why you can’t talk to me, but maybe you could at least sing to me.  He begins to sing a gorgeous song, “Can’t You See”.  It’s the first moment Susan has ever had with a man that is romantic rather than seductive or manipulative.

SCENE 5               Cynthia’s bluff has been called very neatly by Rune.  He has not only listened to her tape, he has booked her to sing in a small club.  Cynthia is frantically warming up back stage and is so nervous she’s ready to jump out of her skin. Zack arrives at the club, and is surprised and annoyed to see Rune again, who is annoyed at being challenged for his involvement with Cynthia, which he considers is her choice, not his.  They almost come to blows, until Cynthia can calm them down, and Zack leaves.  Rune says that’s just what you wanted, isn’t it Cynthia?  Cynthia denies it at first, but then realizes she just might have a smart ally in Rune, and admits what she’s up to.