Milford Haven Season 1 – Episode 10


Season 1 Episode 10 – Offshore Oil Rig Explosion




“Offshore Oil Rig Explosion”

SCENE 1               Samantha goes to her favorite look out to meet Stacey Chernak.   Stacey has asked that Samantha pick the spot, explaining that these meetings go better on clients’ home ground, given the personal nature of the information being discussed.  Stacey has reason to believe that Samantha’s son Gregory may be closer to Milford-Haven than Sam thought.

SCENE 2               Sally has something to discuss with Miranda when Miranda comes into the restaurant for a bite to eat.  It’s extremely confidential, and it has to do with Jack Sawyer.  Sally feels his wrong doing has gone far enough and feels that someone should tell Samantha about him.  Someone,– but not her. Miranda insists that Sally give Sam the information first hand.

SCENE 3               Sally, Samantha, and Miranda are all talking at once, and are getting nowhere, until Miranda begins to play moderator.  At last Sally is able to say that Jack Sawyer is building a house for Mr. Clarke that isn’t up to code, according to what she’s overheard.  Samantha says that’s hearsay, but Sally comes up with a way to get proof,– there must be a bogus set of plans.  Sam and Sally grudgingly admit that they respect one another, and Sam is left to figure out how to get a hold of the phony plans.

SCENE 4               Joseph calls Zack at work, and, after finally getting past the loyal but befuddled *Mary, tells Zack he’s off to see Samantha in Milford-Haven.  Zack is delighted, but explains he is about to leave for oil rig 3 where a problem has developed.  It seems Zack is the only N.D.T. (Non Destructive Test) diver available today and the B.O.P. (Blow Out Preventor) must be checked, at a depth of 90 feet.  Zack will make the dive; Joseph will postpone his departure until Zack is safely back from the dive.

SCENE 5               Zack begins his dive, with *Ron Godfrey the dive master, as usual.  The dive begins normally, except that Zack is ruminating about his near-brawl with Rune Sierra, and is also thinking a lot about Miranda and how important she seems to be becoming to him.  About the time Zack reaches the B.O.P. we switch POV to the surface, where it seems an explosion is roiling up from underwater.  The last we hear of Zack is an “Ahhhh” as the explosion erupts under the rig..

SCENE 6               Zelda hears a news broadcast about the explosion and immediately calls Miranda, wanting to be the first to tell her the bad news that Zack is, well, gone.  Miranda goes into action faster than Zelda can imagine, and leaves the phone dangling as she runs to the car, heading for Santa Barbara.  Zelda now calls Cynthia to give her the same glad tidings.  Cynthia’s only action is to hyperventilate and to become hysterical at the news that Zackery has been in an explosion.