Milford Haven Season 1 – Episode 6


Season 1 Episode 6 – Cause and Conscience




“Cause and Conscience”

SCENE 1               Jack storms into the Environmental Planning Commission, past Susan’s desk, and directly into Samantha’s office, proclaiming that he now knows he and Sam had a child years before.  Sam tries to bury the hatchet, but Jack leaves as angry as he arrived.

SCENE 2               Susan goes to the Sawyer Construction Company to see Kevin, from whom she wants a ride to the up-coming Doobie Brothers concert.  She also finds the “challenge” of a man she can so easily manipulate, irresistible.

SCENE 3               Sally is feeling blue and receives a surprise phone call from a highschool friend *Tony Fiorentino who’s been given tickets to the Doobie Brothers concert, and has decided that inviting Sally is a good excuse to call her.  He says you might not like how I look,– I’m in a wheel chair.

SCENE 4               Joseph can’t imagine why his son Zack is involved with some rock concert. and is irate that Zack would spend company time on it. Zack explains that it’s something he had to do– it’s a concert to honor Vietnam vets.

SCENE 5               Miranda is delighted with a painting she’s just finished, and even more delighted to hear from Zack, and is impressed when she finds out not only is he inviting her to the Doobie Brothers concert, he  was one of the organizers of the event.

SCENE 6               Zelda calls Joseph at home, and invites him to the Doobie brothers concert.  At first he laughs, but then, without telling her why, accepts and it’s clear he knows more about the concert than he wants to say. 

SCENE 7               Cynthia has just returned from a day of painstaking shopping for just the right outfit to wear to the concert, but is shocked, hurt, and angry when she checks her messages and finds that Zack isn’t taking her to the concert after all. Cynthia decides she’ll get another escort, and show up in one of her knock-out outfits.