Milford-Haven Season 1 – Episode 5


Season 1 Episode 5 – Weaving Tangled Webs




“Weaving Tangled Webs”

SCENE 1               Samantha is at odds with her secretary Susan who receives the expected call from the Chernak agency, which locates long lost adopted children.  *Stacey Chernak calls but it becomes apparent that she runs her business in a rather clandestine manner.

SCENE 2               Stacey Chernak has arrived home, and tries to talk with her husband *“Wilhelm” Wilhelm Chernak.  He’s an unsavory character at best, manipulating and controlling his new bride “liebshun” both mentally and– twisting her arm to prove the point– physically.

SCENE 3               Jack has reluctantly signed Sally’s “damnable” piece of paper, a blackmail note to the effect that he will build her restaurant addition.  In exchange Sally reveals what she has overheard– that Samantha was pregnant before they divorced, and that somewhere Jack has a child.

SCENE 4               Joseph Calvin is extremely agitated at Zack’s absence, when Zack calls and explains that he is out of town doing research on environmental impact in order to be better prepared for the meeting.  Joseph believes him, just barely, and tells him he better get home in a hurry.

SCENE 5               It turns out Zack is in Milford-Haven, and meets Miranda, who he asks for help with his environmental research.  The “price” she wants to exact from him is lunch.  He says he’s gotten off easy, and he counters with a dinner invitation.  She says no, not two meals in one day.

SCENE 6               It’s a good thing Zack has headed  home.  He’s just in time for the famous party Cynthia has thrown for him at his family estate.  The long-suffering butler *James has things under control. Zelda wears a dress decorated with the feathers of an endangered specie, something which Zack comments on, much to the dismay of Joseph and Cynthia.  The highlight of the evening is Cynthia’s asking James to unveil her gift to Zackery– of course it’s Miranda’s painting.  Zack doesn’t know what to say.  Cynthia is sure he’s thrilled about the painting.  Joseph is sure Zelda maneuvered this and says, “You little devil”.  Zelda says, “I prefer fox.”