Milford-Haven Season 1 – Episode 1


Episode 1 – Welcome to Milford-Haven





“Welcome to Milford-Haven”

SCENE 1               Samantha Hugo, a statuesque woman in her fifties, and head of the newly formed Environmental Planning Commission, is as usual at odds with her nemesis Jack Sawyer, head of Sawyer Construction Company.  Their latest argument ends with Jack threatening Samantha with exposure of the fact that they used to be married, long before either of them lived in Milford-Haven.

SCENE 2               Sally runs the local breakfast and lunch hot spot of the same name. Sally overhears Jack discussing his secret ex-marriage with his employee Kevin, who is as kindly a soul as one could hope to meet, but who is not possessed of the quickest wit.

SCENE 3               Zackery Calvin, a wealthy young man from the nearby metropolis of Santa Barbara, wanders up the coast into Milford-Haven, and into Finder’s Gallery, and falls in love with a painting of a cove which looks strangely familiar.

SCENE 4               Cynthia Radcliffe, a gorgeous young social climber now living in Santa Barbara, is trying to arrive at a guest list for a museum benefit she is throwing, which will be a combination birthday party for Zackery.

SCENE 5               Zelda McIntyre is representative for a beautiful young painter, Miranda Jones, who specializes in environmental themes and wildlife.  Zelda magnanimously offers to buy one of Miranda’s large paintings herself.

SCENE 6               Zelda hangs up, and redials, this time to a Mr. Clarke, a well to do business man in Philadelphia, closing an unscrupulously dishonest deal, and laughing all the way to the bank.