Milford-Haven – Christmas Schemes


“Christmas Schemes in Milford-Haven”



“Christmas Schemes in Milford-Haven”

SCENE 1 Miranda Jones, a painter who has moved to Milford-Haven and is about to enjoy her first holiday season in the quaint seaside town, decides to arrange a caroling event down Main Street. She starts by asking restaurant owner Sally O’Mally. Sally’s in no mood . . . but once Miranda gets her to try a duet of “Lo How a Rose” she says maybe she’ll join in the singing later tonight.

SCENE 2 Miranda heads over to KBH, the local radio station. The DJ “Radio Jones” (no relation) is in an “I Hate Christmas” mood, having already been asked by the local school to allow a big group of students into the station to sing. Miranda says that sounds like just what he needs. After some coaxing, says he’ll consider joining the event this evening.

SCENE 3 Radio Jones, arrives at the Milford-Haven School to find the students are arguing over which carol to choose to sing for him. When they can’t decide, he asks them to start clapping . . . then to start guessing which is his favorite Christmas song. It turns out to be “Jingle Bell Rock” which they all have a lot of fun singing together, mending the arguments and getting everyone in the spirit.

SCENE 4 Miranda, calls her artist’s rep Zelda McIntyre in Santa Barbara, inviting to come up to Milford-Haven tonight. Zelda is hesitant, until Miranda mentions Zackery and Joseph Calvin, also from Santa Barbara, with whom she wants to stay connected. Zelda offers to make the call for Miranda. That leaves Miranda free to head over to Sawyer Construction, where she encounters Jack “Scrooge” Sawyer, but finds a willing participant in his worker Kevin. Finally, Miranda stops by the Environmental Planning Commission, where Samantha and Susan have decorated their offices and are eager to join in tonight’s caroling.

SCENE 5 Radio Jones has assembled all the local students as a surprise at the near end of Main Street. And Miranda now gathers the adults at the far end. Once everyone is accounted for, they begin to sing “Angels We Have Heard on High.”

SCENE 6 Everyone is now assembled at the Christmas Street in the town square, laughing, talking, and celebrating. They all decide to sing one final carol – We Wish You a Merry Christmas! As the Narrator closes the show he says . . . tune in to your own hearts!