Milford Haven Season 1 – Episode 8


Season 1 Episode 8 – Undercover





SCENE 1               Stacey Chernak gets through to “Control” and we learn that she is really an agent working undercover, and that she has married Wilhelm Chernak in order to be able to gain access to information about the Samantha Hugo baby.  She is unable to complete her conversation before Wilhelm returns home.  Wilhelm now makes the call to Samantha Hugo, which Susan listens in on.  Wilhelm confirms that Samantha does have footprints of the missing baby, and they set up an appointment to meet in person, in spite of Sam’s misgivings.

SCENE 2               Jack’s patience is being sorely tested by the dim-wittedness of his employee Kevin, who can’t even seem to tell the difference between a current calendar, and one from 1979, for keeping appointments.

SCENE 3               Sally has made up her mind to give it one last shot with Jack, and she’s going to do it up right.  She arranges a gorgeous candlelight super at her place, and Jack arrives as she’s putting on the finishing touches.  Jack is taken aback by the romantic setting, but falls right into it, becoming more and more delighted that Sally has finally come to her senses and decided to resume their affair.  Sally is delighted too, thinking that she has found in Jack a receptive attitude towards her and their upcoming child, until Jack finally understands what she’s talking about, and, as usual, storms out, leaving Sally calling after him.

SCENE 4               Zack, who still won’t tell Miranda where he works or what he does for a living, calls Miranda. He’s decided it’s time for her to meet his family.  She’s thrilled, but can’t make it down to Santa Barbara that weekend.  Instead she invites Zack and his father to Milford-Haven, where she’s going to have a big art show, and Zack accepts.  Joseph is delighted at the idea of meeting Miranda, and of seeing her art show.

SCENE 5               Cynthia has come up with a plan for getting Zack to take more of an interest in her again.  She heads for rock-and-roll promoter Rune’s office, who sees right away that Cynthia is trying to use him, and makes up his mind to allow it to happen– as long as he can enjoy the ride.  Cynthia brings him a little something.  It’s tucked into an interesting part of her skimpy outfit, which doesn’t go unnoticed by Rune.  The little something turns out to be a tape of Cynthia herself, singing.

SCENE 6               Susan has had a long day, and has gone to Wing Ding’s to relax after work.  She makes an attempt to apologize for having been rude to  Kevin, but then ignores him again the instant she realizes who’s playing– Notes!