Milford-Haven Season 1 – Episode 3


Episode 3: Secret Gifts




“Child Secrets”

SCENE 1               Samantha rushes to her office to open an urgent letter.  While her nosy secretary Susan Winslow does her best to find out about Sam’s personal affairs, Sam closes her office door and opens the letter, which turns out to be from the adoption agency she used all those years ago, explaining that most records had been destroyed in a fire several years before.

SCENE 2               Samantha meets Miranda at Sally’s, upset at having reached a dead end with the adoption agency. She is resolved to keep searching, however, and Miranda suggests that she place an ad for one of the agencies which tracks down long lost children.

SCENE 3               Sally demands an appointment with Jack, who is bored as usual to see her.  When she says “it’s private” he is not impressed.  When she says “it’s about a child” he yanks her inside. When he demands to know what she’s talking about, she answers,”I’m not telling you anything until you sign this.”

SCENE 4               Zack and Miranda arrive at Michael’s restaurant, the most elegant place in town, for a lovely dinner. Miranda finds herself talking mostly about herself, including a voyage she took to help save whales, being a dedicated environmentalist.  Zack reveals very little about himself.

SCENE 5               Zelda appears in Milford-Haven, at Miranda’s front door, early in the morning.  Miranda appears a little dreamy and Zelda surmises it has to do with one Zackery Calvin.  Zelda gets Miranda’s permission to find out whatever she can about “little Zackery”.

SCENE 6               Cynthia Radcliffe is leaving another message on Zelda’s machine, this one to say that she desperately needs a special present for Zackery, whose birthday party is coming up.  Please Zelda pick out a wonderful environmental painting for a most impressive gift.