Milford Haven Season 1 – Episode 7


Season 1 Episode 7 – The Doobey Brothers Benefit Concert




Music Episode– “The DOOBIE BROTHERS Benefit Concert”

SCENE 1               Samantha and Miranda are trying to find their seats, when they spot Jack Sawyer.  Miranda leaves Sam to her devices to head backstage to find Zack.  Jack comes over to Sam, who says “Don’t start”.  Jack proves he does have a decent side, and says he realizes that if they do have a son, he might have been in Vietnam. “I know that Jack,” counters Samantha.  They share a rare tender moment when he tells her she doesn’t have to bear this knowledge alone any more.

SCENE 2               Zack announces an award which is being given to Tony Fiorentino.  Tony receives a standing ovation and Zack announces the first band of the evening, SOUTHERN PACIFIC. Sally is in the audience to greet Tony and is amazed to find that he has been so honored at this event.  She is also very nervous,– she neither knows how to deal with a man in a wheelchair, nor with a man she’s attracted to.  His sensitivity gets through all that.

SCENE 3               Zack announces the DOOBIE BROTHERS, who begin to play “Takin It To The Streets”.  He comes off stage and is surprised to find Cynthia there, who is dazzling, and furious, with her fury well-cloaked behind outrageous flirtation.  She is discussing her micro-mini skirt with Zack when her date Rune Sierra  walks up. 

SCENE 4               Miranda at last finds her way backstage and has a wonderful “reunion” with Zack.  She tells him what terrific things are going on out in the audience, because of this special concert, and also tells him how special the night is for her.

SCENE 5               Joseph is enjoying the concert a great deal more than Zelda is, who in fact is talking straight through the music, as Joseph points out.  But both are impressed with Zack’s speech, and Zelda lets it be known that she is not impressed with Joseph, but attracted to him as well.  Joseph is not immune to her charms.

SCENE 6               Susan goes backstage to interview the Doobies.  What she finds backstage, however, is absolute bedlam, and she can’t seem to find the Doobies, or anyone who can help her, until she is suddenly pulled inside a relatively quiet dressing room.  She figures this attractive guy for her next conquest, but when she tries to converse with him he will only answer by playing his guitar.  Since he won’t give his name, she calls him “Notes“, and in spite of herself is somewhat intrigued.