Milford-Haven Season 2 – Episode 20


Season 2 – Episode 20
“The Earthquake”



Episode 20
The Earthquake

SCENE 1               Kevin is at the Clarke house, where construction is continuing, but he has noticed something odd and asks for a second opinion from a worker, Jimmy. Jimmy is unsympathetic when Kevin points out that certain beams don’t seem to be far enough into the ground, and tells Kevin that he better keep his mouth shut and do his job.

SCENE 2               Russell Clarke arrives at Sawyer Construction, to drive with Jack to the construction site for his house. Russell tests Jack with the information he has received from Samantha, and warns him that if something is wrong he’ll sue. They arrive at the new house, where Russell is angered when the faulty stairway begins to shake. But it’s not just the stairway– this is an earthquake!

SCENE 3               Zelda is once again pushing Miranda to make her flight to Alaska. Miranda hangs up to finish packing and as she is organizing her paint shelf, she senses an odd movement. After a moment, realizing it’s an earthquake, she tries to hold the heavy shelf against the wall. After a few moments, she is no longer able to hold it, and the entire shelf topples over, presumably pinning Miranda underneath, we’re not quite sure how…

SCENE 4               Radio Jones is announcing that a temporary shelter has been set up in Town Hall for earthquake victims, and Samantha and Susan are busy running it. Emily Wilkins of the Milford-Haven News arrives asking for “comments” on the “disaster”. Samantha thinks that’s too strong a word, until Emily tells her that a house out on the bluff has collapsed. Not even stopping to ask any further questions, Samantha dashes out of the building, while Susan is left trying to piece together the information Emily has given Samantha.

SCENE 5               Joseph is concerned, having heard the news about the Milford-Haven earthquake, and has asked Mary to keep trying Samantha’s number, only to find that all phone lines are down in Milford-Haven. Joseph tunes in his radio, and is just faintly able to tune in Radio Jones on KMH, who is announcing that the shelter is still operating, and that a house on the bluff has collapsed. Joseph has had enough of waiting, and he gets into the car to head for Milford-Haven.

SCENE 6               Sally is still in Arkansas. Tony’s visit has ended, and Sally is feeling that it’s time to get back to Milford-Haven. Mama Glenda thinks that’s a terrible idea, given the earthquake. Sally says Mama you always exaggerate, and tells her how good it has been to be home. She hopes someone will come home to her just as happily one day. Instantly perceiving what her daughter is really saying, Mama says, So you’ve decided then? Yes, Sally says, she has. She’s going to have her baby.