Milford-Haven Season 2 – Episode 15


Season 2 – Episode 15
“Chords and Discords”



Episode 15
Chords and Discords

SCENE 1               Jack comes storming into Samantha’s office, where he is to be questioned about the safety of Clarke house; Samantha is threatening to sue for negligence; Jack is threatening to sue for trespassing.

SCENE 2               Kevin visits Susan, who is recovering from her fall at the Clarke house. Susan is as sardonic as she’s ever been, and has no use even for Kevin, her rescuer. He mentions Notes, and although this gets a bit of a rise out of her, she dismisses him, and Kevin summarily.

SCENE 3               Miranda makes the call to Tony, on Sally’s behalf, and Tony is too perceptive and too frank not to note, and verbalize, what Miranda is really calling for. Miranda ends up inviting him to give one of his speeches at the first Milford-Haven Talent Night.

SCENE 4               Miranda meets Samantha at Sally’s and avoids talking about Zack, talking instead about her about Talent Night–explaining her latest cause-craze, “Beyond War”. Samantha doesn’t quite agree politically but agrees a Talent Night will be fun.

SCENE 5               Joseph talks to Zack— he just can’t understand what’s disturbing Zack so much that he can’t get back on the job. Zack is testy and withdrawn, absolutely unapproachable. Then he notices Miranda’s painting is gone and gets even more upset, running out of the house.

SCENE 6               Rune shows up unexpectedly at Cynthia’s door. Cynthia tries to duck his attentions, but Rune says hey baby, do you think it’s really fair that you use me when you feel like it, and ignore me when you don’t? He gets her to agree to a date Saturday night, saying that he has “business” to discuss with her.