Milford-Haven Season 2 – Episode 19


Season 2 – Episode 19
“Good News and Bad”



Episode 19
Good News and Bad

SCENE 1               Susan is annoyed as usual when Kevin knocks at her door and wants to discuss something of a personal nature. He is thinking of quitting Sawyer Construction, but she persuades him to stay and try to spy on Jack.

SCENE 2               Mr. Clarke arrives at the Environmental Planning Commission, where he charms Samantha, and questions Susan about what actually happened to her when she fell and was injured at his house.

SCENE 3               Miranda hears from Zelda the good news and the bad — the good news is that Zelda has found her a terrific job. The bad news is that she’s to leave immediately for Alaska. Miranda wants to deliberate; Zelda pushes her and says I’ll give you one more hour to decide.

SCENE 4               Zelda is privately ruminating on the glorious things which will accrue to her when Miranda takes this government job; She then calls Chris Christian at The Register and tantalizes her with a tip about Calvin Oil.

SCENE 5               Zack makes a difficult phone call — to Cynthia, who is so busy being delighted to hear from him, that she doesn’t detect the tone in his voice until he finally says he doesn’t want to see her for a while. Cynthia’s warmth freezes over in an instant, as she attacks Zack’s lack of gratitude for all she has done for him. Perceiving that this tactic isn’t working, Cynthia switches to her seductive mode, but it’s too late — Zackery has hung up on her.

SCENE 6               Sally, still at her mother *Glenda’s place in Arkansas, is the referee at the dinner table as Tony gets Mama’s royal treatment. Tony is eating it up, literally and figuratively. Just about the time Sally and Tony are relaxing on the front porch after dinner, and Sally is about to tell Tony what’s really going on with her, Glenda calls to them: there’s been a phone call — Milford-Haven has had an earthquake!