Milford-Haven Season 2 – Episode 13


Milford-Haven Season 2 – Episode 13
“Ominous Forebodings”



Episode 13
Ominous Forebodings

SCENE 1               Stacey Chernak is driving home from Santa Barbara, and as she drives, she listens to a taped report she is preparing for her agency which reveals that an experiment took place in the 50’s, which involved orphaned infants. Stacey now has reason to believe that infants who reached maturity could still be “triggered” because of their programming in infancy, and believes that the Samantha Hugo baby, “Baby X” may be one of these missing babies. While she listens to her report, a car seems to be following her.

SCENE 2               Sally goes to Miranda’s to keep her appointment to talk with her, only to find that Miranda’s house is empty,–but classical music is playing, and the phone has been left off the hook. Sally snoops around a little more than she should, and finds a bill of sale indicating that Miranda has let one of her paintings go for half price to someone named Zelda, which surprises Sally.

SCENE 3               Susan drives to the Clarke house site, and dictates into a mini-cassette recorder as she walks around investigating the house. What she finds looks pretty normal, until she finds some suspect drainage pipes under the house. While she is climbing up out of the basement, a rung on the ladder breaks, and Susan falls with an ominous thud.

SCENE 4               Back at the hospital, Cynthia is trying unsuccessfully to deal with anxious reporters. Ron takes over, and has a tough time of it himself, especially with a new reporter, *Chris Christian, who has just come to work for The Register, and accuses Calvin Oil of a cover-up with regard to the unexplained explosion on the oil rig.

SCENE 5               Samantha has Joseph paged at the hospital and presses him to get away from the hospital long enough to finally have dinner with her. Joseph is unsure at first, but finally decides he’ll meet her when she arrives from Milford-Haven.

SCENE 6               Miranda is at the Calvin estate, taking her leave of James, and taking one of her paintings with her, having decided Zack won’t want it now. Cynthia drives up and makes it clear to Miranda in no uncertain terms that Zackery is hers, and that she, Miranda, is not wanted or needed. Miranda manages to keep her head and drive away.