Milford-Haven Season 2 – Episode 12


Milford-Haven Season 2 – Episode 12
“The Trap”



Episode 12
The Trap

SCENE 1               Susan finds it impossible to get a word in edgewise in her conversation with Samantha, but it seems they both have the same idea,– get Jack Sawyer by going to the site of the Clarke house and snooping around. Susan resolves to do so as soon as possible, after hearing from Samantha all about the coastal erosion that is occurring not just in California, but all over the country.

SCENE 2               Jack surprises Kevin with a raise, and while Kevin is busy being delighted, Jack also lets him know that he wants him to keep track of Samantha’s search for their child by using Susan, or any means necessary.

SCENE 3               Sally takes a moment out to write in her diary again, this time to reflect on having turned in Jack Sawyer once and for all. She decides she feels good about it, and meanwhile is in a quandary about Tony. Trying to think of someone who might be helpful to talk to about Vietnam vets, she thinks of Miranda and decides to call her as soon as possible.

SCENE 4               Ron is overseeing the airlift of Zackery to the hospital, just a few minutes away in Santa Barbara. Zack arrives at the hospital, and Miranda is there as a medic stops him from receiving treatment until papers are signed. Miranda signs them herself so Zack can right into the emergency room. Joseph says it’s been a long night, and goes off to see one of the doctors. Miranda slips into Zack’s room and discovers that he is desperately trying to say something. She tries to quiet him, but finally she is able to hear that Zack is saying “Marry me.”

SCENE 5               Miranda, very emotional because of what she has heard Zack say, comes back into the hallway, crying, and Joseph asks her what is wrong. Miranda says Zack tried to say something. Before Miranda can tell Joseph what, Cynthia arrives, hysterical as usual. She bursts into Zack’s room, and Joseph has to pull her out into the hall so that Zack can continue resting. Miranda, trying to be polite, introduces herself, and says, “You must be one of the family. Are you Zack’s sister?” Cynthia is amazed by this question, and says why no, I’m his fiancee. Miranda is stunned by this revelation and before Joseph can quiet or reassure her, Miranda runs out of the hospital.

SCENE 6               Zelda shows up at the hospital, just in time to miss the fleeing Miranda. Cynthia greets her with the usual pomp and circumstance, and Zelda is surprised at learning that she has just missed Miranda. Indeed Joseph then confronts her privately, about the fact that she has wickedly set up both Miranda and Cynthia. Zelda counters by saying that people only fall into their own traps, and that Miranda is hardly suitable for the son and heir to Calvin Oil.