Milford-Haven Season 2 – Episode 14


Season 2 – Episode 14
“Clues Come in Dreams”



Episode 14
Clues Come in Dreams

SCENE 1               Joseph catches up to Samantha at the Pier Restaurant, where they begin their long-delayed first dinner date. Joseph learns that Samantha has a son, but is chagrined and apologetic at having asked such a sensitive question upon learning that the son was adopted years before. Sam now wants to find him, and he offers to help her with the search.

SCENE 2               Susan is still at the Clarke house site, and is delirious. She is having a dream about Notes, and in the dream Notes speaks to her. She is saying his name out loud while Kevin, who has come to the site on a strange hunch, overhears something, and, going to the basement to investigate, discovers Susan, crumpled along with the broken ladder. He half carries her up to the next floor, while she continues in her delirium.

SCENE 3               Miranda is finally home from Santa Barbara, and is bitter and depressed at what has happened with Zack. Sally knocks at the door, and when Miranda lets her in, Sally says she looks like she could use a good cry. Sally is a good listener to Miranda’s tale of betrayal, and then asks Miranda to talk to Tony for her, so she can have some help in figuring out whether to pursue the relationship with him.

SCENE 4               Cynthia couldn’t be happier– Zackery is just arriving home from the hospital, and she can now have him all to herself. Not for a moment does she consider his infirmity to be serious. All she can think of is tantalizing him with lace tidbits, and get-away plans. This all falls on deaf ears, as Zack finds himself much more seriously depressed than anyone realizes. He continues trying to reach Miranda, not understanding why she no longer returns his calls.

SCENE 5               Joseph is running Calvin Oil without Zack’s help, and running the investigation into the accident at the same time. Into this hectic schedule comes a peculiar phone call, from Stacey Chernak. Joseph doesn’t know who she is or what she wants, and tries to put her off, but finally agrees to meet her when she claims to have information about the explosion.