Milford-Haven Season 2 – Episode 18


Season 2 – Episode 18
“Get Outa Town”



Episode 18
Get Outa Town

SCENE 1               Mr. Clarke calls Jack and confronts him about the Susan Winslow incident. Jack satisfies Mr. Clarke that Susan was trespassing, but the actual matter of safety is still not answered in Mr. Clarke’s mind.

SCENE 2               Susan is talking to Sam, very candidly. She doesn’t know if I want to sue Jack Sawyer because I don’t want to be manipulative any more. Samantha disagrees, and says this is our chance to really get Jack at last.

SCENE 3               Tony calls Sally long distance to Arkansas, worrying that something is wrong since she missed the Talent Night. When he hears some distress in her voice, he fishes around for an invitation, and gets his wish.

SCENE 4               Miranda writes a letter to Zack– several attempts, none mailed. She calls Zelda and asks her to find her a big commission that will take her out of town for a while — to Africa.

SCENE 5               Rune calls Cynthia and says listen I’m going to start auditions soon for this play of mine. It’s called the L.A. River Anthology.

SCENE 6               Zack tells Joseph that he’s having a hard time finding himself, and needs a leave of absence. Joseph is still trying to get Zack to snap out his depression. It’s not working. Once again, Zack leaves the room, the house.