Milford-Haven Season 2 – Episode 16


Season 2 – Episode 16



Episode 16

SCENE 1               Mr. Clarke calls Jack, wants to know about the house. Jack reassures him that everything will be alright. Mr. Clarke says I don’t care for being caught up in this kind of controversy and public attention. I wanted this to be private.

SCENE 2               Susan struggles with the fact that she’s still on crutches, and is mumbling to herself when she begins to hear the voice of her mystical, disembodied friend Notes again. She wants help deciphering his musical note, but he warns her she’s trying too hard.

SCENE 3               *Smoke a musician in Notes’ band, is practicing when Miranda comes to see him, asking him to perform in the Talent Night, which he agrees to do. He also agrees to find his own duet partner, and Miranda leaves the choice to him.

SCENE 4               Picking up where we left him in the previous show, we find Zack jumping into his car to try to clear his head. Instead he hears a cacophony of voices– Cynthia’s, Miranda, and Joseph’s. The one voice he can’t hear is his own, and he must try to find out who Zack Calvin really is, as distinct from someone who has become completely predictable and molded.

SCENE 5               Joseph calls Samantha, says listen, I’m worried about Zack– we had a sort of argument and he lit out of here. I can only guess he’s on his way to Milford-Haven. If you hear he’s there, would you let me know?

SCENE 6               Rune and Cynthia have their date — Cynthia says look as long as this is business, I thought you should see this — a note from Smoke inviting her to sing a duet in “Mill Pond.” This does have a wicked appeal for you, doesn’t it? Yes. Well then, this might appeal to you all the more. I’ve found a little theater which has agreed to mount my play — there’s a part in it for you, if you play your cards right.