Milford-Haven Season 2 – Episode 11


Milford-Haven Season 2 – Episode 11
“Taking a Hit”



Taking a Hit

SCENE 1              Kevin comes to meet Susan at Sally’s, where Susan asks to see plans for the Clarke house on the pretext of learning more about her job for the Planning Commission. Kevin guesses that will be alright. Susan leaves, and Sally marvels that Kevin can be taken advantage of so easily.

SCENE 2              Jack arrives at Sally’s just after Susan leaves, demanding to know why Kevin is sitting enjoying bacon and eggs, and anxious to avoid contact with Sally, who is wielding a hot pot of coffee like a dangerous weapon. Kevin reports that the Planning Commission wants to get something on Jack, but leaves out the fact that Susan asked for drawings of the Clarke house. Jack remarks that Kevin suddenly seems nervous.

SCENE 3              Susan is anxious to find Notes, and goes to Wing Ding’s which she finds deserted, but she finds an envelope addressed to her, and a cassette player. The note in the envelope is musical notes written on musical manuscript paper, and the cassette in the player is Notes singing his song to her,– but she still can’t understand how to find him.

SCENE 4              Joseph Calvin and Mary are doing their utmost to keep up with the phones. Reporters are demanding a statement, and a helicopter is due to arrive momentarily to take Joseph to the Oil Rig. Meanwhile one of the calls is from Zelda, who offers condolences on the loss of Zackery. Joseph is infuriated and hangs up on her. Miranda calls, and before Joseph can turn her away, says she’ll be arriving within the hour to help with phones at Calvin Oil.

SCENE 5              Cynthia is driving all over town — hysterically. She can find no one at the Calvin Estate, assumes there will be no one at the office since it’s late Friday, and finally decides to try Zelda’s.

SCENE 6              Zelda is as cool and calm a customer as can be found, and coolly tells Cynthia that she might consider aiming a little higher than Zackery. There are lots of fish in the sea for a beautiful, enterprising young woman.

SCENE 7              Ron is handling the emergency from topside, where the connection between the Oil Rig and the explosion is not yet clear. Zack is underwater, but conscious. He is trying to regain his equilibrium enough to head for the surface. Zack surfaces and has done so too quickly. To avoid the bends, he is immediately put into a pressure chamber, although he is obviously in a great deal of pain. Once in the chamber all seems well until– he grabs his elbow and then his knee in pain. It seems he’s taken a “hit” in each place,– a sign of embolism, and a genuine