Tony Fiorentino
Played by Lloyd Battista & Bruco Ragnacci

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is a long-lost friend from Sally O’Mally’s past. When he joined the Marines and served in Vietnam, he eventually lost touch with everyone he knew, except his mother. Originally a handsome, tall high school basketball star, he’s now a paraplegic.

It was a long road to recovery and reconstructing a life, but now Tony, in his mid-40s, still handsome, a wheelchair basketball player and active in his New York community, is about to receive the Veterans’ Assistance Award. He researches the whereabouts of his long-ago girlfriend Sally, and calls her when he discovers she lives in Milford-Haven. He’ll be coming to the Central Coast to receive his award as part of a Doobie Brothers benefit concert. Will Sally accept his invitation to go with him to the concert? Or will old hurts keep her away?

In the Central Coast drama, Tony was portrayed by Bruco Ragnacci.
In the BBC drama, Tony was performed by Lloyd Battista.

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