Samantha Hugo
Played by Sally Rainer

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is an accomplished PhD in her early fifties, Director of the Environmental Planning Commission in Milford-Haven who becomes one of Miranda Jones’ first friends in town.

Though stunning — a statuesque redhead with cognac-brown eyes and comfortably stylish dress — she is so focused on her work that there’s no time in her life for a personal relationship.

Samantha has two secrets. First, years earlier, she was married to Jack Sawyer who, as the premier builder-developer in town, is now her arch enemy. They’re constantly at odds over environmental regulations and best ecological practices. Second, Samantha had a child whom not even her ex know about. Her son, Gregory, was given up for adoption years earlier, but now Samantha has quietly initiated a search for him.

Her only confidante these days is Miranda. But Samantha also keeps a journal in which she writes regularly.

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