is a reporter for the Milford-Haven News. Originally from South Africa, where she began her career as an investigative journalist, she emigrated to the U.S. and landed the job in Milford-Haven. Though a small-town paper, it has a small, dedicated staff and covers news all over the Central Coast.

Emily becomes extremely concerned when her colleague Chris Christian is apparently missing.
What story was she working on? Should Emily try to pick up the threads . . . or avoid the danger at all costs? She has her suspicions about a possibly dangerous business man in nearby Morro Bay, but is he connected to the Chris’ disappearance?

Meanwhile there are plenty of other stories to cover, such as Jack Sawyer’s scofflaw approach to environmental regulations, Zelda McIntyre’s wheeling and dealing with the Town Council, and the occasional good news story about concerts and magnanimous random acts of kindness.

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