Secret Gifts

Season 1, Episode 3

We now take you back to the fascinating town of Milford-Haven U.S.A. where Jack, Zack, Miranda, Zelda, Samantha, Sally, Kevin, Joseph, Rune, and Susan, are building, buying, painting, conniving, planning, dishing, cogitating, dominating, rehearsing and sneaking, respectively.
– The Narrator

Milford-Haven is a serial drama, so I always wanted to make sure our listeners knew what had happened in the previous episode. So I wrote a “Recap” for the Narrator. But, of course, I had to make sure he could keep his tongue in his cheek while he delivered these important plot points.

The Recaps turned out to be one of the “secret gifts”. The recitation of character names followed by their quirky adverbs, became so popular with listeners, that some of our early radio stations actually ran contests to see who could recite them from memory. Winners received Milford-Haven mugs or T-shirts.

Meanwhile, by the time we arrive at Episode 3, we already have three love-triangles complicating matters for six characters. Builder-Developer Jack Sawyer and Environmental Planning Commission Director Samantha Hugo are already at odds both professionally (for obvious reasons) and personally (their well-kept secret is that they used to be married.) Now, however it turns out that Samantha had a child many years earlier for her ex-husband, a child not even he knows about, a son who was put up for adoption. Who should overhear this news but Restauranteur Sally, who happens to be Jack’s current girlfriend.

As if that wouldn’t blow the lid off the small coastal town of Milford-Haven, we now get further glimpses of Zack Calvin, the Santa Barbara bachelor, trying to romance our heroine Miranda Jones, unaware that Zack’s long-time girlfriend Cynthia is back in Santa Barbara more than eagerly awaiting his return. Zelda, Miranda’s manager and also a resident of S.B., begins to sniff out these embers, which threaten to explode into a full-fledged fire.

In real life, handsome Zackery and beautiful Cynthia were played by two veteran actors who were at the time married. Colby Chester and Lynn Chester each had stunning careers and phenomenal talents, and each was a delight to work with. You can read more about Colby Chester . Because Lynn is also a singer, I wrote singing into the storyline for blond bombshell Cynthia. Lynn played not only the key role of Cynthia, but also played Mary, the venerable and long-suffering secretary at Calvin Oil, one of the company’s first employees, who secretly keeps the firm running smoothly. You can read more about Lynn Chester.

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