David L. Krebs, foley artist

Radio Projects: Recorded Programs: Sound Effects/ Foley Artist:

  • “Milford-Haven” by Mara Purl — Episodes Aired 1- 80 on KJDJ, KOTR, KVEC, KRYN, WGMC
  • “Milford-Haven, U.S.A.” by Mara Purl —  Episodes 1-60 aired on BBC Radio 5, 4.5 million listeners.
  • American Radio Theatre (A.R.T.) — Three Seasons of “A.R.T. Presents,” original programs aired on KPFK
  • “Birtha And…” by David L. Krebs & Associates — 16 Episodes aired on College Stations
  • “Dimension of Imagination” by David L. Krebs — sci-fi & horror original radio series aired on KPFK

Radio Projects: Live Performances: Sound Effects/ Foley Artist

  • Wells Fargo Radio theater by Rosemary & Newell Alexander — 20 Radio Drama Productions aired on KMPC, KLTE (KSCA)
  • Radio Live concerts, LACC performances 1994, 1995

Theatre: Live Sound Effects

  • Mark Taper Forum, “Wild Oats.” Drama-Logue Award.
  • Company of Angels, “Garage Sale.” Drama-Logue Award.
  • Smugly Absurd Performance Art Troupe.  WWII production “But What About Me”

Radio Workshops: Teaching

  • Los Angeles City College
  • Santa Monica College
  • University of Southern California (USC)