Bill Berkuta, chief engineer

1974–Present: Owner & Chief Engineer of Afterhours Recording Company

Radio Projects: Engineering & Sound Design

  • “Milford-Haven” by Mara Purl — Episodes Aired 1- 80 on KJDJ, KOTR, KVEC, KRYN, WGMC
  • “Milford-Haven, U.S.A.” by Mara Purl — Episodes 1-60 aired on BBC Radio 5, 4.5 million listeners
  • American Radio Theatre — Three Seasons of original programs aired on KPFK
  • “Birtha And…” by David L. Krebs & Associates — 16 Episodes aired on College Stations
  • Wells Fargo Radio theater by Rosemary & Newell Alexander
  • 20 Radio Drama Productions aired on KMPC, KLTE (KSCA)

Music Projects: Engineering

  • “Koto Kist” album by Mara Purl, Cambria Records
  • “Manhattan Malibu” album by Mara Purl, Cambria Records
  • Jay Herzog-Rock Kontrol Music Productions
  • Music Demos for Peter Olsted, Jim Anderson, Michael Edwards (Many others)
  • South Indian Music Academy

Outside Engineering:

  • Lizard Rock Recorders, Solvang, CA — John McFee, Keith Knudsen (Doobie Brothers)
  • Real Life Studios, Thousand Oaks, CA (Buddy Ebsen, Jr.)
  • Guest engineer: KOTR, KRCC, KCAA