is a polished, successful PR woman in her early fifties who owns her own company, Artist Representations, in Santa Barbara, with several clients, including painter Miranda Jones.

Though has a true eye for art, she loves selling it more than collecting it for herself. And focused on her own success, and artists whose work begins to sell are sure to be included in that focus. She’s a wheeler-dealer, even to the point of making unauthorized deals on the side, if she sees a chance for advancement. She’s an excellent networker, if she senses she can leverage her connections. If a pang of conscience ever penetrates her armor, she makes a magnanimous gesture which further ingratiates her to Miranda.

Underneath it all, and despite her striking good looks with violet eyes, wavy black hair, voluptuous figure, and polished presentation, Zelda is lonely and longs for a real relationship – with someone rich and successful, of course.

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