Zackery Calvin
Played by Colby Chester

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Most eligible bachelor in Santa Barbara, successful oil exec in the family business, involved with one too many women once he gets to Milford-Haven.

Note found in Zack’s Cottage at “Calma”, the Calvin Estate:

is the VP of Calvin Oil, a private company in Santa Barbara, where his father is the CEO. The two men are considered the most eligible bachelors in the city, one for each age group. Zack is in his mid-thirties, 6’2, blue eyes, dark blond hair, handsome, lean, and athletic.

Zack is already dating Cynthia Redcliffe when he meets Miranda Jones, and makes overtures to her, too. He continues with both relationships, drawn to each woman for different reasons. What he really wants is a woman who includes both their qualities . . . but that’s a fantasy, right?

Zack is a Harvard grad, driven and disciplined in his business life, and he has a lot of fun with sexy Cynthia. But secretly, he yearns for an inner peace that proves illusive. He feels as though something in his life is missing, and he’s trying to find out what it might be.

Played by Colby Chester, and originally written for him.

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