Susan Winslow
Played by Marcy McFee

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With a slouch in her walk, a snarl in her ever present leather jacket, EPC secretary resents her Native American heritage and dreams only of escaping from Milford-Haven.

From the Personals Ads in the
Milford-Haven News:

is the sullen, glass-half-empty assistant to Samantha Hugo at the Environmental Planning Commission. Despite her negativity, she’s extremely intelligent and very good at her job, when she feels like focusing. She actually respect the work but wouldn’t be caught dead admitting it.

In her mid-twenties, and an avid rock music devotee, the petite woman uses her long, glossy black hair and tight body to attract traveling musicians who come through down for gigs at Wing Dings. Rail-thin but beautiful, the Chumash Native American endured a traumatic childhood and feels trapped in Milford-Haven. Two friendships begin to touch her, one with Kevin, the other with Notes, with whom she shares heritage.

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