Sally O’Malley
Played by Linda Purl

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No-nonsense owner of Sally’s Restaurant, dishes gossip along with her grits, keeps her lip zipped about her affair with Jack Sawyer.

From the back of the Menu at Sally’s Restaurant:

is the quintessential diner-hostess, the owner of Sally’s Restaurant, situated on Main Street’s most popular corner in Milford-Haven. She’s also the classic girl-next-door: a petite, blue-eyed blonde who looks like a cutie even in her early forties, but has a steely strength that has gotten her through rough times and disappointments.

Originally from Arkansas, she remains close to her mama, Glenda, who sometimes visits. Both women are known for their superb pies. Sally, a true independent entrepreneur, also owns Burn It Off, the local work-out gym for women. She became one of Miranda’s first friends in town, and it isn’t long before Miranda and she discuss a future mural along one of Sally’s restaurant walls.

Sally can’t stand Samantha Hugo, though she puts up with her as a restaurant customer, and also because their mutual friend Miranda likes them both. Sally is also frequently at odds with Jack Sawyer, with whom she’s carrying on a secret affair. But long ago, there was another man whom she loved deeply. After serving two tours in Vietnam as a Marine, Tony Fiorentino lost touch with her. Sally did her best to overcome her broken heart by moving to California and starting a new life.

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