Played by Michael Horse

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“Notes.” Who is he? He appears in Milford-Haven at a concert but can only “talk” through his guitar… until a sypmpathetic soul begins to understand him. A man from another dimension and yet more native to this land than anyone else.

is a mysterious character whom we meet backstage at the Doobie Brothers concert attended by Susan Winslow, who’s assigned to write an article about the evening for the Milford-Haven News. Notes is part of the opening-act band, but apparently doesn’t speak, and only communicates through his music. Susan nicknames him “Notes,” frustrated that she can’t him to respond verbally.

We later discover “Notes” is actually Ken Kasmalia, a Chumash Native American who, at the time he meets Susan, was keeping silent as part of a spiritual practice honoring Winter Solstice. Ken is a Chumash Tribal Liaison Officer who works under the Cultural Resources, Partnerships, and Science Directorate. We learn more about him in the novella When Otters Play.

Because of the complexity of this character, his role is presented by two noted performers. Michael Horse portrays “Notes” when he speaks, and John McFee portrays “Notes” through his “speaking guitar.”

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