Though most dramas do not have narrator’s, this character was woven into the fabric of Milford-Haven from the very outset. An omniscient character who seems to walk through walls, “Mr. Narr” carries listeners along from one story-line to the next. Indispensable in minimizing confusion, perhaps the Narrator’s most important contribution is adding the touch of tongue-in-cheek humor which is Milford-Haven’s signature.

That humorous tone is established in the opening minutes of each episode, when the Narrator gives a recap of characters with their matching verbs. This weekly opener became so popular during broadcast seasons, the listeners who memorized the riff called into radio stations to compete in contests.

The part of the Narrator was written for an unusually urbane performer, and when Mara Purl found Freedom Barry, she knew his was the tone, attitude, accent and talent to become The Voice of the series.