Meredith Jones
Played by Erin Gray

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The elder sister of artist Miranda Jones, Meredith, just two years older, is her sibling’s opposite in many ways. Where Miranda follows her heart, Meredith uses her head, and where her sister is a struggling artist, Meredith is a highly successful financial adviser on a fast-track to power and influence.

Smart, funny, and hyper-focused, the 5’8 beauty with teal eyes and medium-length brunet hair, is shapely and athletic. She still lives in San Francisco in the house she once shared with her sister, but is beginning to take an interest in this town of Milford-Haven, which she hears about so much. Though she has a great boss and mentor, she constantly wrangles sexist colleagues and has had her share of duplicitous boyfriends. Hungry for a decent relationship, she begins to wonder whether spending time in Milford-Haven might be a great idea.

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