Joseph Calvin

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is the CEO of Calvin Oil, a private company in Santa Barbara. A handsome man in his mid-sixties, Joseph is lean, clean-shaven with steel gray hair and gray eyes that can either freeze water or melt ice, depending on his disposition. Considered the most eligible bachelor in the senior community, and he has dated reporter Christine Christian, and later dates Zelda McIntyre. Joseph is also the proud father of Zackery.

A long-forgotten secret lurks in his background, along with a family sadness. The sorrow is over the loss of his wife years earlier; the secret is that their son is adopted, something they never wanted him to know.

In the first American broadcast version of the series, the role was played by Simon Wilder. When Wilder’s nationwide performances in his one-man show “Jack Benny” took over his schedule, the role was taken over by Lloyd Bautista for the BBC broadcast edition. Lloyd also directed several episodes of the drama.