Jack Sawyer
Played by Lloyd Bautista

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is the CEO of Sawyer Construction, a small business in Milford-Haven. Irascible and demanding, he runs his foreman Kevin ragged, and picks an argument every chance he gets with Town Council members who try to tell him how to do his job.

In particular, he always has a bone to pick with Samantha Hugo, head of the Environmental Planning Commission. He’s been building houses and building them well for many years, and considers these new environmental regulations to be a hindrance to business and mostly, utter nonsense concocted by ignoramuses.

What no one in town knows is that he and Samantha were married many years earlier, and crashed out of their marriage with an acrimonious divorce. So when they argue, is it professional? Or is it personal? Or are the two completely intertwined?

Meanwhile, Jack is greatly enjoying a secret affair with his favorite waitress . . . no, make that restaurant owner, Sally O’Malley. He makes promises to Sally but never really plans to keep them. Why bother?

Jack Sawyer was originally portrayed by Jim Buckley and was written for him.
For the BBC production, the part was played by Lloyd Bautista, who brought additional dimensions to the character.

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