Talent Night

Season 2, Episode 17


CYNTHIA (frantic, as usual) Hello? Excuse me? I’m supposed to be singing in this show and I can’t seem to find anyone in charge… Excuse me… I’m supposed to be singing, and I’m late, and the show has already started, and where is my duet partner […]

Christmas Schemes in Milford-Haven

The Milford-Haven Audio DramaA Journey into the Heart and History of Mara Purl’s Original Radio Drama

In this special episode we abandon the whole usual scheme of things, and we follow Miranda, who’s come up with a holiday scheme guaranteed to spread good cheer. We include Susan, who’s agreed to set aside her personal […]

Weaving Tangled Webs

Season 1, Episode 5


(Professional and crisp) Hello. You have reached Samantha Hugo at the Environmental Planning Commission. I’m out of the office right now, but please leave me your name and the nature of your inquiry. Please wait for the beep. Thank you.


SUSAN (Sarcastic tone) Samantha it’s me, Susan. […]


Season 1, Episode 2

Nestled between the pines and the ocean, and tucked away from any major metropolis, is Milford-Haven, an artists’ retreat, an outdoorsman’s haven, a tourist’s dream, and for some, just home town U.S.A. Hardly the spot for a hot bed of controversy, … or is it?

— The Narrator

Imagine a […]

Welcome to Milford-Haven!

Season 1, Episode 1

They came here from the plains to find the pine trees. They came here from the mountains to find the ocean. They came here from the cities to find serenity. They found all this, and much, much more in Milford-Haven…

— The Narrator

These were the opening words for […]