Roger Kern

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Roger Kern brings extensive theatre and television background to talent to BBC 5’s “small-town America” import MILFORD-HAVEN, U.S.A. in the radio soap’s second season on British air waves.

Roger Kern drops unexpectedly into MILFORD-HAVEN, as “Major Tim Restin” who arrives by parachute. Roger’s rich and distinctive voice draws audiences to him all the way down to the ground, and back up again as “Tim” flies other characters in the small private plane he flies for “Joseph Calvin.” No one is more fascinated than stand-up comedienne Terry Gardner as “Priscilla” who turns up dressed for flight and hoping for a lesson in jumping out of planes.

While Roger’s “straight man” keeps Milford-Haven audiences in stitches, his extensive background includes an extraordinary range of both dramatic and comedic leads in such theatres as the Mark Taper Forum, the L.A. Stage Company, San Francisco’s A.C.T., San Diego’s Old Globe, the L.A. Actors’ Theatre, and the Matrix Theatre. Roger has performed in everything from the classics such as “Taming Of The Shrew,” “Twelfth Night,” “Cyrano De Bergerac,” and “Two Gentlemen of Verona,” to modern classics “A Man For All Seasons,” “A Doll’s House,” to contemporary pieces “Same Time Next Year” and “The Kentucky Cycle.”

His television career includes the classic series “Young Pioneers” in which he starred opposite Linda Purl in a family story which is replayed on network and syndicated stations annually ever since its first airing in the 1970s. Other guest starring roles include “The Coach,” “The Nanny,” “Falcon Crest,” “Lou Grant” and many others.

If you haven’t seen Roger, chances are you’ve heard him, as the voice over artist on numerous commercials including “Jeep Grand Cherokee,” “Carl’s Junior,” “Cellular One,” “Canada Dry” where he plays the shameless shamus, the beleaguered father, the macho outdoorsman, or suave lover. And Roger has been the Narrator for “Memphis Belle” for the A&E Network.

But it’s as heart-throb”Tim Restin” that Roger Kern wow audiences in “Milford-Haven, U.S.A.”