Michael Horse

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Native American actor Michael Horse is featured as an American Indian character in BBC-5’s American import Milford-Haven, an original radio soap opera.

Perhaps none of Milford-Haven’s unusual characters is as unique as the man known– for now– only as “Notes.” In an original story-line based on research into the mythological traditions of the Hopi, Navajo and Zuni tribes, the mystical character communicates through music and telepathy.

Nothing could be more appropriate for Mr. Horse, who honors his own Zuni heritage by tireless efforts to support and express his rich cultural background. Indeed Michael portrays Native Americans with passion and accuracy at every opportunity, and gained prominence among American television audiences for his featured roles in the cult classic “Twin Peaks,” and three Western series, “Paradise,” “The Law at Randado,” and “Night of the First Americans.” Michael played an on-going role in the independent TV series “The Untouchables,” and most recently can be seen in the TNT original movie “Lakota Woman.” Most recently, Michael played the sheriff in the terrific Canadian series “North of 60.”

With a haunting presence which brings his tribal ancestry vividly to life, Michael has starred in numerous feature films, including “The Legend of the Lone Ranger,” “Fire Walk With Me,” and “Vision of Seeks to Hunt Great.” As much in demand for his voice work as he is on-camera, Mr. Horse was a regular on the animated series “Cowboys Of Moo Mesa.”

A native of New Mexico, Michael is also an internationally recognized sculptor and painter, and his acclaimed jewelry is a stunning blending of the ancient Zuni art of inlayed stone with modern design and form. “The Zuni culture is still very much alive,” said Michael, “and as a result it is constantly growing and changing. This is what I want to reflect in all my work.”

Milford-Haven listeners who like romance and mystery, will find both in the “Notes” story-line, as he haunts the thoughts and dreams of a young woman who can’t quite decide whether to be thrilled– or frightened– by her mystical friend. Michael Horse will intrigue Milford-Haven audiences, as “Notes” crossing the barriers of time and culture and emerges, a man living an American Indian myth.