Mara Purl

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Mara Purl is a triple-talent as producer, writer, and actress in BBC-5’s newly imported American radio soap opera Milford-Haven.

Making her dramatic radio series debut, actress Mara Purl can now be heard in an original radio drama, Milford-Haven. Her primary character is “Miranda Jones,” the wide-eyed heroine of the series, who is a wildlife artist and avid environmentalist. In the tradition of radio drama, she plays other roles as well – Nicole Champagne, and Stacey Chernak, and maybe some others too?…

Mara is familiar to devotees of the American NBC soap “Days Of Our Lives,” and it was while appearing in that show that she conceived the idea for “Milford-Haven.” Making use of her rich artistic background, which includes growing up in Tokyo, Japan, a performing and literary degree from famed Bennington College, and scores of theatrical roles, Purl created Milford-Haven, an original, continuing drama, and the first radio soap to be produced in America since that country’s “glory days” in the 1930s and 40s, the first contemporary radio soap to be honored by the Museum of Television & Radio, and the Museum of Broadcast Communications.

Mara’s recent television work includes a guest starring role on the syndicated series “The Judge,” and starring roles in cable television productions “Southern Girls” and “Monstrom.” Voice work includes such films as “The Adventures of Nellie Bly” (Nellie), “Spies, Lies, and Naked Thighs,” episodic television such as “The Father Dowling Mysteries,” as well as a continuing role in the international cartoon “Robotek II.” Theatrical appearances include leading roles in “Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead,” “The Merchant Of Venice,” “Sea Marks,” “Three Penny Opera,” “The Homecoming,” “A Man For All Seasons,” “As You Like It,” “Glass Menagerie,” and “Oliver!” No stranger to international audiences, Mara starred for three years in the Tokyo Broadcasting Service (TBS) acclaimed educational television series at the age of nine, and her fluent Japanese is frequently called upon for hosting documentaries and infomercials both on and off camera.

Her writing credits are as numerous as her performing ones, and include staff writing positions with the Financial Times (of London), and the Associated Press, along with numerous special assignments including Rolling Stone, and The Christian Science Monitor, and The Mainichi Daily News and The Japan Times. She has been editor of two books, and has written two corporate histories, has written the screenplay “The Meridian Factor” and so far has written 90 episodes of Milford-Haven.

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