Lynn Chester

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Actress and singer Lynn Chester appears as the irresistible blond bombshell in BBC-5’s American import, radio soap opera “Milford-Haven, U.S.A.”

Though listeners won’t be able to see her face, even over the radio Lynn is unmistakably blond and gorgeous. A master of the daytime serial, she is well known to American TV audiences who were intrigued by her in such long-running programs as “One Life To Live” and “General Hospital”.

Other television appearances include “How The West Was Won,” “Little House On the Prairie,” and the final episode of the legendary “Gunsmoke”. Her considerable theatrical credits include “Wait Until Dark” with Shirley Jones and “Star-Spangled Girl” with Anthony Perkins.

Also a gifted singer, Lynn appeared with Skitch Henderson, and with Wayland Pickard, with whom she co-wrote original songs which she performs in special up-coming Milford-Haven music episodes.

As the outrageously sexy social climber “Cynthia Radcliffe,” Lynn turns up the heat in Milford-Haven, creating a love triangle while vying quite successfully for the attentions of “Zackery Calvin”– played by Lynn’s real-life husband, Colby Chester.

Will “Cynthia” keep “Zackery” dangling on a string or ditch him for a singing career? To find out, tune in to Milford-Haven, U.S.A…